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Febuary 22, 2009

In the early days of online gaming, Fortress Cheats was a symbol for thousands of players and a "fortress" for the cheating movement. For these players, cheating was not about raging or annoying other players, as it is so commonly regarded with today, but it was a way to express our talents in exposing security flaws, to overcome disadvantages with the low quality Internet connections of the day, and to add a new dynamic to the otherwise stale gaming experience.

Fortress Cheats came on the scene in 1998 and was started by CR0N0S. Quake, and more specifically Team Fortress, was the most popular online first person shooter at this time. In 1996 some of the early cheats for Quake were deathmatch bots (later stripped down to autoaims) and invisibility (quickly patched for good). Cheating in online games had begun sometime around the Doom era but had never been as pervasive as it became after 1998.

In 2001 Fortress Cheats shut down as similar sites started up and catered to newer games and genres. For a short time this site turned into and then later forwarded to an anti-cheating website in protest to the new "cheating" trends which started to focus more on raging and annoying people, even towards Fortress Cheats itself.

Today, Fortress Cheats will soon host a timeline and archive of cheating history from Doom to Quake to Half-Life and beyond.

You can contact CRONOS at or H3X at if you have any questions or material for us.

Fortress Cheats, 2009.